Isode provides full support for Major and Minor releases from R12.0 onwards for five years from the date of release. Below the fully supported Isode releases are shown.

Release Release Date End of Full Support
15.1 November 2011 November 2016
R15.2 October 2012 October 2017
R16.0 June 2013 June 2018
R16.2 April 2014 April 2019
R16.3 March 2015 March 2020

The guide below shows all Isode releases and versions since R14.6.

Customers using a specific release (such as 15.0) should always be running the latest version of that release (in the case of 15.0, this would be 15.0v11). Unsupported releases and their associated versions are in red.

R14.6 R15.0 R15.1 R15.2 R16.0 R16.2 R16.3
14.6v0 15.0v0 15.1v0 15.2v0 16.0v0 16.2v0 16.3v0
14.6v1 15.0v1 15.1v1 15.2v1 16.0v1 16.2v1 16.3v1
14.6v2 15.0v2 15.1v2 15.2v2 16.0v2 16.2v2 16.3v2
14.6v3 15.0v3 15.1v3 15.2v3 16.0v3 16.2v3 16.3v3
14.6v4 15.0v4 15.1v4 15.2v4 16.0v4 16.2v4 16.3v4
14.6v5 15.0v5 15.1v5 15.2v5 16.0v5 16.2v5  16.3v5
14.6v6 15.0v6 15.1v6 15.2v6 16.0v6 16.2v6 16.3v6
14.6v7 15.0v7 15.1v7 15.2v7 16.0v7 16.2v7  16.3v7
14.6v8 15.0v8 15.1v8 15.2v8 16.0v8 16.2v8  16.3v8
14.6v9  15.0v9 15.1v9 15.2v9 16.0v9 16.2v9  16.3v9
14.6v10  15.0v10 15.1v10 15.2v10 16.0v10 16.2v10 16.3v10
14.6v11  15.0v11 15.1v11 15.2v11 16.0v11 16.2v11  16.3v11
14.6v12  15.0v12 15.1v12 15.2v12 16.0v12 16.2v12 16.3v12
14.6v13   15.1v13 15.2v13 16.0v13 16.2v13  
14.6v14   15.1v14 15.2v14 16.0v14 16.2v14  
14.6v15   15.1v15 15.2v15 16.0v15 16.2v15  
14.6v16   15.1v16 15.2v16 16.0v16 16.2v16  
14.6v17   15.1v17 15.2v17  16.0v17  16.2v17  
14.6v18   15.1v18 15.2v18   16.2v18  
14.6v19   15.1v19 15.2v19   16.2v19  
14.6v20   15.1v20 15.2v20    16.2v20  
14.6v21   15.1v21     16.2v21  
    15.1v22     16.2v22