Isode ATN Directory Service Library API.


This document is a specification of the Isode ATN Directory Service Library API.

Note that this API requires and operates in conjunction with the Isode Simple Directory Service Library API, which is documented separately. DSAPI provides simple directory operations (bind, read an entry, etc.)

The ATNDS (Aeronautical Telecommunications Network Directory Service) API contains utility functions to:

  • Convert AFTN addresses to the corresponding AMHS address. See ATNds_AFTN2AMHS().
  • Convert AMHS addresses to the corresponding AFTN address. See ATNds_AMHS2AFTN().
  • Get the AMHS terminal directory entry name associated with AFTN or AMHS addresses.


The API works in conjunction with DSAPI. As such, clients will need to use DSAPI functions to bind and unbind from the directory and perform any necessary additional queries (for example reading the entry of an AMHS terminal in order to determine its capabilities). The session handle returned from the bind functions is necessary for calls to ATNDS API functions.


This example converts between AFTN (both XF and CAAS style) and AMHS addresses, and prints the results out to the console. The example shows how DSAPI is used to establish a connection to the directory.