Download ClamAV for Windows 32bit from :

File: clamav-0.99-win32.msi

Install to a local folder e.g. C:\ClamAV .

Run the clamAV.msi installer accepting all default settings.

Ensure that there is a Folder C:\Windows\Temp , if not create it as this is what ClamAV uses as the temporary directory
In the file C:\Program Files\clamAV\conf you may want to change the following line:-


See comments in the file for more information.
Now get the latest Virus signatures by running the following from the DOS command line:

C:\Program Files\clamAV\freshclam

You can now run the ClamAV daemon from the DOS command line to test as follows:

C:\Program Files\clamAV\clamd

You will need to configure your Scanconfig to use the ClamAV Virus scanner.
Now test using the EICAR Test File sent to one of your email recipients.
The recipient should get a message with the subject line “Found Eicar-Test-Signature”
You should now install the ClamAV daemon as a service by following the instructions below.

Installing the ClamAV daemon

Ensure that the Tcl scripts have your ClamAV installation path correct.

Using the Isode Service Manager tool, select Service->Add to create a new service. Give the service a name of "isode.pp.clamd", a suitable description string, an executable path value of: "C:/Program Files/Isode/bin/ismsvc.exe" -service isode.pp.clamd and an "Arguments" value of: "C:/Program Files/Isode/bin/clamd_service.tcl" Remember to set the Startup Type value for the service to Manual.

Repeat step 2 with service name "isode.pp.freshclam" and Tcl script name "freshclam_service.tcl".

Go to the "Configure Startup Order" window, and ensure that the two new services are configured to start before any of the MTA services.

By default, the clamd_service.tcl script will run the freshclam program every 60 minutes. You can change this period by editing the script.