Summary: Isode provides a number of APIs which allow integrators and product developers to build components that allow applications to act as gateways to and from the Isode Messaging server products to or from other products which use protocols other than X.400. The Open Group Gateway APIs are specified by the Open Group and are an open standard.

Isode R16.7a0 Messaging APIs

Open Group Gateway API

Having created a messaging configuration for your MTA using Mconsole, you will be able to use The Open Group's X.400 Gateway API using C language bindings.

C Bindings

The example code is in

  • Unix: /opt/isode/share/example
  • Windows: C:\Isode\share\example

See Open Group Gateway API for details.

Isode provide some proprietary extensions to provide support for STANAG 4406g and File Transfer Body Parts.

See Open Group Gateway API Isode Extensions for details.

There are no Java or Tcl Bindings available for this API.