Address Checking operations


#define SOM_CKADR_RFC822   (1<<1)
#define SOM_CKADR_X400   (1<<2)
#define SOM_CKADR_DN   (1<<3)
#define SOM_CKADR_NORMALIZE_ALL   (1<<4)
#define SOM_CKADR_PARSE_X400   (1<<7)
#define SOM_CKADR_PARSE_RFC822   (1<<8)
#define SOM_CKADR_PARSE   (1<<9)
#define SOM_CKADR_DOMAIN   (1<<10)


int SOMCheckAddress (struct SOMSession *session, const char *address, const char *sender_name, const char *inmta_name, const char *inchannel_name, const int flags, void *ophandle, int async)
 Perform an address check. More...

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Flag masks for address check operation

Definition at line 158 of file checkaddress.h.

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int SOMCheckAddress ( struct SOMSession session,
const char *  address,
const char *  sender_name,
const char *  inmta_name,
const char *  inchannel_name,
const int  flags,
void *  ophandle,
int  async 

Perform an address check.

session[in] Pointer to address of session object
address[in] Target address or domain
sender_name[in] Sender address (optional)
inmta_name[in] Inbound MTA Name (optional)
inchannel_name[in] Inbound channel name (optional)
flags[in] Command flags
ophandle[in] Value passed to callback
async[in] Operation is asynchronous if TRUE
zero on success; non-zero on error