Summary: Isode provides a number of APIs which allow integrators and product developers to build components that access the Isode Messaging server products or other products supporting the same protocols.
Queue Access Filter and Selector Attributes


#define SOM_QFILT_EIT   1001
#define SOM_QFILT_PRIORITY   1002
#define SOM_QFILT_MAX_SIZE   1005
#define SOM_QFILT_RECIPIENT   1007
#define SOM_QFILT_CHANNEL   1008
#define SOM_QFILT_MTA   1009
#define SOM_QFILT_QUEUEID   1010
#define SOM_QFILT_MPDUID   1011
#define SOM_QFILT_UAID   1012
#define SOM_QSEL_CHANNEL   1100
#define SOM_QSEL_MTA   1102
#define SOM_QSEL_MTA_REGEXP   1103
#define SOM_QSEL_QUEUE_ID   1104
#define SOM_QSEL_RECIPNO   1106

Detailed Description

Macro Definition Documentation


(S) Content type of message

Definition at line 499 of file queueatt.h.

#define SOM_QFILT_EIT   1001

(S) Space separated list of EITs

Definition at line 502 of file queueatt.h.

#define SOM_QFILT_PRIORITY   1002

(I) Messages of this priority and above

Definition at line 505 of file queueatt.h.


(S) Messages queued more recently than given date/time

Definition at line 508 of file queueatt.h.


(S) Messages queued earlier than the given date/time

Definition at line 511 of file queueatt.h.

#define SOM_QFILT_MAX_SIZE   1005

(I) Messages not larger than this size

Definition at line 514 of file queueatt.h.


(S) Originator address

Definition at line 517 of file queueatt.h.

#define SOM_QFILT_RECIPIENT   1007

(S) Recipient address

Definition at line 520 of file queueatt.h.

#define SOM_QFILT_CHANNEL   1008

(S) Messages on this channel

Definition at line 523 of file queueatt.h.

#define SOM_QFILT_MTA   1009

(S) Messages on this MTA

Definition at line 526 of file queueatt.h.

#define SOM_QFILT_QUEUEID   1010

(S) Message matching queue id

Definition at line 529 of file queueatt.h.

#define SOM_QFILT_MPDUID   1011

(S) Messages matching MTS Identifier

Definition at line 532 of file queueatt.h.

#define SOM_QFILT_UAID   1012

(S) Messages matching UA ID

Definition at line 535 of file queueatt.h.


(S) Messages matching a given recipient state

Definition at line 538 of file queueatt.h.

#define SOM_QSEL_CHANNEL   1100

(S) Channel name

Definition at line 541 of file queueatt.h.


(S) Regular expression for channel name

Definition at line 544 of file queueatt.h.

#define SOM_QSEL_MTA   1102

(S) MTA name

Definition at line 547 of file queueatt.h.

#define SOM_QSEL_MTA_REGEXP   1103

(S) Regular expression for mta name

Definition at line 550 of file queueatt.h.

#define SOM_QSEL_QUEUE_ID   1104

(S) message queue id

Definition at line 553 of file queueatt.h.


(S) Regular expression for message queue id

Definition at line 556 of file queueatt.h.

#define SOM_QSEL_RECIPNO   1106

(I) Recipient number

Definition at line 559 of file queueatt.h.