X.400 Envelope Objects


#define X400_DL_EXPANSION_HISTORY   1500
#define X400_S_SECURITY_LABEL   1501
#define X400_TRACE_INFO   1502
#define X400_REDIRECTION_HISTORY   1503
#define X400_SUBJECT_TRACE_INFO   1504
#define X400_INTERNAL_TRACE_INFO   1505
#define X400_EXT_ADDRESS_LIST_IND   1506

Detailed Description

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#define X400_DL_EXPANSION_HISTORY   1500

Distribution List Expansion History object

Definition at line 1327 of file x400_att.h.


#define X400_S_SECURITY_LABEL   1501


#define X400_TRACE_INFO   1502

X.400 Trace info object


Definition at line 1333 of file x400_att.h.


#define X400_REDIRECTION_HISTORY   1503

X.400 Redirection History object

Definition at line 1336 of file x400_att.h.


#define X400_SUBJECT_TRACE_INFO   1504

X.400 Subject Intermediate Trace Information used in report content

Definition at line 1339 of file x400_att.h.


#define X400_INTERNAL_TRACE_INFO   1505

X.400 Internal trace info object

Definition at line 1342 of file x400_att.h.


#define X400_EXT_ADDRESS_LIST_IND   1506

X.400 P772 Address List Indicator

Definition at line 1345 of file x400_att.h.



X.400 Redirection history object associated with the message envelope instead of being per recipient. IE of X.411

Definition at line 1348 of file x400_att.h.