Summary: Isode provides a number of APIs which allow integrators and product developers to build components that access the Isode Messaging server products or other products supporting the same protocols.
IPN Attributes


#define X400_N_IS_IPN   500
#define X400_S_SUBJECT_IPM   501
#define X400_S_CONVERSION_EITS   502
#define X400_N_NON_RECEIPT_REASON   510
#define X400_N_DISCARD_REASON   511
#define X400_S_AUTOFORWARD_COMMENT   512
#define X400_S_RECEIPT_TIME   520
#define X400_N_ACK_MODE   521
#define X400_S_SUPP_RECEIPT_INFO   522

Detailed Description

Macro Definition Documentation

#define X400_N_IS_IPN   500

True if message is an IPN rather than IPM

Definition at line 993 of file x400_att.h.

#define X400_S_SUBJECT_IPM   501

IPM Identifier of subject message

Definition at line 996 of file x400_att.h.

#define X400_S_CONVERSION_EITS   502

Space separated list of EIT names

Definition at line 999 of file x400_att.h.

#define X400_N_NON_RECEIPT_REASON   510

Non-receipt reason: 0 - discarded; 1 - auto-forwarded

Definition at line 1002 of file x400_att.h.

#define X400_N_DISCARD_REASON   511

Discard reason: 0 - ipm-expired; 1 - ipm-obsoleted; 2 - user subscription terminated

Definition at line 1005 of file x400_att.h.

#define X400_S_AUTOFORWARD_COMMENT   512

Autoforward comment

Definition at line 1010 of file x400_att.h.

#define X400_S_RECEIPT_TIME   520

Time of receipt: UTCTime format

Definition at line 1013 of file x400_att.h.

#define X400_N_ACK_MODE   521

Acknowledgement mode: 0 - manual; 1 -automatic

Definition at line 1016 of file x400_att.h.

#define X400_S_SUPP_RECEIPT_INFO   522

Supplementary information associated with IPN

Definition at line 1019 of file x400_att.h.