Recipient Attributes


#define X400_N_RESPONSIBILITY   201
#define X400_N_MTA_REPORT_REQUEST   202
#define X400_N_REPORT_REQUEST   203
#define X400_S_FREE_FORM_NAME   221
#define X400_S_TELEPHONE_NUMBER   222
#define X400_N_REPLY_REQUESTED   224
#define X400_N_PRECEDENCE   225

Detailed Description

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X.400 Original Recipient Number

Definition at line 639 of file x400_att.h.


#define X400_N_RESPONSIBILITY   201

X.400 Responsibility: 0 - not responsible, 1 - responsible

Definition at line 642 of file x400_att.h.


#define X400_N_MTA_REPORT_REQUEST   202

X.400 Originating MTA report request: non-delivery-report 1 report 2 audited-report 3
This value should be set only by Gateway applications (like an MTCU)

Definition at line 645 of file x400_att.h.


#define X400_N_REPORT_REQUEST   203

X.400 Originator report request: no report 0 non-delivery-report 1 report 2
This value should be set by user agent applications and Gateway applications

examples/x400_mssend.c, examples/x400_mssend_rcv_sign.c, and examples/x400_mssend_sign.c.

Definition at line 653 of file x400_att.h.



X.400 Originator requested alternate recipient: X.400 string form, address only, no Directory Name

Definition at line 661 of file x400_att.h.



X.400 Originator requested alternate recipient, Directory Name in String encoding

Definition at line 665 of file x400_att.h.


#define X400_S_FREE_FORM_NAME   221

IPM Free Form Name

Definition at line 669 of file x400_att.h.


#define X400_S_TELEPHONE_NUMBER   222

IPM Telephone Number

Definition at line 672 of file x400_att.h.



IPM Notification request: logical or of: 1 - receipt notification request 2 - non-receipt notification request 4 - return request

examples/x400_mssend.c, examples/x400_mssend_rcv_sign.c, and examples/x400_mssend_sign.c.

Definition at line 675 of file x400_att.h.


#define X400_N_REPLY_REQUESTED   224

IPM Reply Request: boolean

Definition at line 682 of file x400_att.h.


#define X400_N_PRECEDENCE   225

IPM Precedence X400(1999). Integer value

examples/x400_msrcv_msg_tok_sign.c, examples/x400_msrcv_sign.c, and examples/x400_mssend_sign.c.

Definition at line 685 of file x400_att.h.



The address in the first Redirection History element Also used in reported recipient information

Definition at line 688 of file x400_att.h.



The CEIT used in the last trace info element of a per recipient report

Definition at line 693 of file x400_att.h.