x400_ms_async.h File Reference

X400 MS (P7) Interface asynchronous event handler. More...

#include "cdecl.h"

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int X400msProcessEvent (int num_fds, fd_set *read_fds, fd_set *write_fds, fd_set *error_fds)
 Process outstanding read, write and error events on the specified set of file descriptors. Registered callback handlers will be invoked to pass the result of these events back to the client application. More...

Detailed Description

X400 MS (P7) Interface asynchronous event handler.

This function is called when using the X400 MS API in asynchronous mode, to handle any events which may have occurred.

When a client application opens an asynchronous-mode connection to the Message Store, it registers a set of callback handlers for completion of the various MS operations (Bind, List, Fetch, Submit etc), along with an optional pair of 'Manage' and 'Unmanage' handlers.

When X400ms API functions are subsequently called, instead of waiting for the operation to complete and returning a result (i.e. synchronous mode), the API functions send off the operation invokation to the Message Store and immediately return an error code indicating that the application needs to wait for the file descriptor associated with the session object to become readable (e.g. when a result has arrived from the server). When this happens (detected via a call to Select() on Unix), the client application should call X400msProcessEvent to handle the events which have occurred. Typically this will mean that the operation result PDU is read and decoded, and then the appropriate callback function for the operation is called. If registered, the 'Manage' and 'Unmanage' callbacks are called to indicate when individual file descriptors need to be monitored for read, write or error events, and when they no longer need to be monitored. The use of these callback functions is particularly useful when a single event loop is handling multiple associations (i.e. multiple session objects).

Definition in file x400_ms_async.h.