Summary: Isode provides a number of APIs which allow integrators and product developers to build components that access the Isode Messaging server products or other products supporting the same protocols.
P772 extension ORDescriptor



Detailed Description

These #defines are used to manipulate ORDescriptors (X.420 7.1.3) within P772 extensions.

The use of these symbols is deprecated. They are equivalent to the standard recipient attributes used for their definition.

Macro Definition Documentation


X.400 ORDescriptor OR address

Definition at line 1363 of file x400_att.h.


X.400 ORDescriptor DN value

Definition at line 1366 of file x400_att.h.


X.400 ORDescriptor free form name

Definition at line 1369 of file x400_att.h.


X.400 ORDescriptor telephone number

Definition at line 1372 of file x400_att.h.