Summary: Isode provides a number of APIs which allow integrators and product developers to build components that access the Isode Messaging server products or other products supporting the same protocols.
O/R Addressing attributes


#define X400_S_OR_ADDRESS   1
#define X400_S_COUNTRY_NAME   2
#define X400_S_ADMD_NAME   3
#define X400_S_PRMD_NAME   4
#define X400_S_ORGANIZATION_NAME   5
#define X400_S_SURNAME   10
#define X400_S_GIVEN_NAME   11
#define X400_S_INITIALS   12
#define X400_S_COMMON_NAME   14
#define X400_S_DIRECTORY_NAME   20

Detailed Description

Macro Definition Documentation

#define X400_S_OR_ADDRESS   1

Full X.400 address in string form, using RFC 2156 conventions

examples/x400_mtrcv.c, examples/x400_mtsend.c, examples/x400_mtsend_rep.c, and examples/x400_mttutorial.c.

Definition at line 346 of file x400_att.h.

#define X400_S_COUNTRY_NAME   2

X.400 address CountryName attribute

Definition at line 349 of file x400_att.h.

#define X400_S_ADMD_NAME   3

X.400 address AdministrativeManagementDomainName attribute

Definition at line 352 of file x400_att.h.

#define X400_S_PRMD_NAME   4

X.400 address PrivateManagementDomainName attribute

Definition at line 355 of file x400_att.h.

#define X400_S_ORGANIZATION_NAME   5

X.400 address OrganizationName attribute

Definition at line 358 of file x400_att.h.


X.400 address OrganizationalUnitName[1] attribute

Definition at line 361 of file x400_att.h.


X.400 address OrganizationalUnitName[2] attribute

Definition at line 364 of file x400_att.h.


X.400 address OrganizationalUnitName[3] attribute

Definition at line 367 of file x400_att.h.


X.400 address OrganizationalUnitName[4] attribute

Definition at line 370 of file x400_att.h.

#define X400_S_SURNAME   10

X.400 address PersonalName.Surname attribute

Definition at line 373 of file x400_att.h.

#define X400_S_GIVEN_NAME   11

X.400 address PersonalName.GivenName attribute Note: a surname must be used with this attribute

Definition at line 376 of file x400_att.h.

#define X400_S_INITIALS   12

X.400 address PersonalName.Initials attribute Note: a surname must be used with this attribute

Definition at line 381 of file x400_att.h.


X.400 address PersonalName.GenerationQualifier attribute Note: a surname must be used with this attribute

Definition at line 386 of file x400_att.h.

#define X400_S_COMMON_NAME   14

X.400 address CommonName attribute

Definition at line 391 of file x400_att.h.

#define X400_S_DIRECTORY_NAME   20

Associated X.500 Directory Name. In RFC 2253 string form (LDAP)

examples/x400_mtrcv.c, examples/x400_mtsend.c, and examples/x400_mtsend_rep.c.

Definition at line 394 of file x400_att.h.