AFTN Attributes


#define ATS_S_FILING_TIME   1002
#define ATS_S_TEXT   1004
#define ATS_N_EXTENDED   1005
#define ATS_EOH_MODE   1006

Detailed Description

These attributes map to different X400 Attributes depending on the environment. Note that if you are using the basic message service (i.e. ATS_N_EXTENDED is not set, or is set to FALSE) you must supply all of the mandatory ATS attributes - ATS-S_PRIORITY_INDICATOR, ATS_S_FILING_TIME and ATS_S_TEXT as a set.

Macro Definition Documentation



Two letter ATS Priority Indicator. This affects both the envelope priority and IPM properties. Write only.

Definition at line 31 of file amhs_att.h.


#define ATS_S_FILING_TIME   1002

Filing time: specified as 6 digit string: DDHHMM (in UTC timezone)

Definition at line 36 of file amhs_att.h.



Optional Heading Information, ASCII string

Definition at line 39 of file amhs_att.h.


#define ATS_S_TEXT   1004

Text part of ATS message

Definition at line 42 of file amhs_att.h.


#define ATS_N_EXTENDED   1005

Boolean value. If TRUE then the message is for the extended ATS Message Service.

Definition at line 45 of file amhs_att.h.


#define ATS_EOH_MODE   1006

Integer value. Configures what end-of-header indicator to use. If not specified, will default to using the amended end-of-heading-blank-line (CRLF) for Outlook compatibility, but can also be set to use original mode (LF-only) or no-end-of-heading (PDR M3040002) mode.

Definition at line 50 of file amhs_att.h.