HFIA Meeting 2020: Proposed edits to STANAG 5066 Ed4

The High Frequency Industry Association (HFIA) provides a forum for the interactive exchange of technical ideas, information and collaboration among professionals in area of High Frequency Communications. Physical meetings of the group usually take place twice a year, the first of 2020 was held in San Diego earlier this month.

Isode produce a number of products optimised for use over constrained bandwidth and we have a keen interest in keeping up with the latest developments in this area. Therefore our CEO, Steve Kille, is a regular attendee and contributor at these meetings.

These meetings are filled with lots of technical detail, with the Monday meeting focusing on the STANAG 5066 planning this year.  STANAG 5066 is being updated to Edition 4, which Steve has taken the lead on. You can find all the drafts of the updated and new annexes on the STANAG 5066 Edition 4: Editor’s Drafts for Review page. You can also subscribe to the mailing list to receive updates.

Steve gave 6 presentations over the course of the 3 days:

March Events

The first week of March is set to be a busy one for the Isode, with members of the commercial team at the West 2020 conference and CEO Steve Kille at the HFIA meeting.

West 2020 takes place on March 2-3, 2020, at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California. We will be demonstrating our Military XMPP software, and Military Email upon request, in booth 117.

Steve will be giving a number of presentations at the HFIA meeting which also takes place in San Diego, on the 3-4 March. In preparation for Steve’s talks we have published a number of whitepapers relating to HF messaging:

Customer Service

At Isode, support of our customers has always been our number 1 priority and our focus on this vital area of our business is reflected in our renewal rate for support contracts, with over 90% of contracts renewed each year.

Support from Isode isn’t just about helping our customers when they have problems to solve, it’s also about keeping communications with our customers open at all times so that we can discuss and gain input on our product development plans, assist with upgrades and help with integration & training.

In 2020 we’re introducing a new role within Isode, Customer Support Specialist, with the aim of ensuring that our customers continue to receive the best support in the industry. Taking up this new role is Jon Purvis, who many of our customers will know from their interactions with support (Jon was formerly a member of Isode’s Pre-Sales Engineering team).

Jon will be taking the lead in ensuring that Isode customers are able to take full  advantage of the support services that Isode provides. Over the next few months you should expect to see a marked increase in customer visits, roadshows and trade show appearances all aimed at ensuring that Isode continues to provides the level of service and support that our customers deserve.

Isode at TechNet Europe

In a weeks time, TechNet Europe kicks off. This is AFCEA Europe’s second largest annual event, and we will be there.

We will be demonstrating our Military Messaging system, and showing off the capabilities that make it ideal for deployments requiring high levels of security, such as:

  • Conversion/equivalencies between label formats, using a Security Policy (SPIF) based approach to map between the various supported label formats on Email. This will be demonstrated using our web-based email client, Harrier.
  • XEP-0258 (Security Labels in XMPP) support as well as conversion/equivalencies between label formats in XMPP. Our Swift XMPP client will be used to to demonstrate 1-2-1 and MUC room chats using security labels.

We will also be demonstrating our IRC Gateway product, the M-Link IRC -Gateway enables connections between IRC and XMPP servers.

If you’re attending TechNet Europe, pop along to the Isode stand for a demonstration of our software and to say hi to Jeff Tillotson (our Defence business development manager) and Jon Purvis (one of our pre-sales engineers).

Steve at HFIA

Earlier this month the High Frequency Industry Association (HFIA) held their first meeting of 2019 in San Diego.  Isode CEO, Steve Kille, attended and gave three presentations at the meeting.

The first looked at measurements of HF Modem transmissions over a channel simulator using Collins modems and simulator.  It investigates the impact of varying Interleavers for STANAG 4539 and STANAG 5069 waveforms. This presentation can be found here.

The second presentation was an overview of two whitepapers we recently published on the Isode website, Messaging Protocols for HF Radio and Measuring Performance of Messaging Protocols for HF Radio.

The final presentation gave results from an XMPP over HF trial funded by the UK MoD. The trial was carried out by Babcock, using Isode XMPP software, to evaluate the viability of providing a real time chat service for Naval and Airborne communications over HF.