Customer Service

At Isode, support of our customers has always been our number 1 priority and our focus on this vital area of our business is reflected in our renewal rate for support contracts, with over 90% of contracts renewed each year.

Support from Isode isn’t just about helping our customers when they have problems to solve, it’s also about keeping communications with our customers open at all times so that we can discuss and gain input on our product development plans, assist with upgrades and help with integration & training.

In 2020 we’re introducing a new role within Isode, Customer Support Specialist, with the aim of ensuring that our customers continue to receive the best support in the industry. Taking up this new role is Jon Purvis, who many of our customers will know from their interactions with support (Jon was formerly a member of Isode’s Pre-Sales Engineering team).

Jon will be taking the lead in ensuring that Isode customers are able to take full  advantage of the support services that Isode provides. Over the next few months you should expect to see a marked increase in customer visits, roadshows and trade show appearances all aimed at ensuring that Isode continues to provides the level of service and support that our customers deserve.

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