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Established in 1946, SITTI is a private company devoted to study and develop the most advanced technical solutions for Voice Communication Systems (VCS) and their ancillary Equipment and Services. The many decades of successful presence and evolution in the market of Voice Communication Systems (VCS) confirm SITTI as a worldwide primary system supplier and integrator for Civil, Military, Public and Private Agencies for both Air Traffic Control (ATC) and Strategic Emergency Services (SES).

SITTI is today present in many countries in the world with a large base of installed VCS systems, in many cases with on site Customer assistance through qualified and skilled personnel. Thanks to the extreme modularity of the VCS design, SITTI systems cover all ranges of Air Traffic Control needs, ranging from small air field towers to very large ACC centres. Many different technologies are used and integrated into one single system in order to provide Customers with a highly flexible system capable of dealing with both standard and legacy radio and telephone communication devices and protocols.

SITTI provide high performance Voice Communication Systems to military forces for Military Traffic and Air Defence Secure communications, in both fixed and transportable installations. The unparalleled reliability and performance VCS systems allowed SITTI to successfully extend its application environment by providing Operation Control Rooms to Fire Brigades and Railways.

SITTI propose a large product portfolio of communications devices, systems and services:

  • MULTIFONO├é┬« digital Voice Communication System available in both VOIP and PCM/TDM technologies
  • GVS: Remote legacy radio interface to standard ED137 VOIP networks
  • DEC10: Global Positioning System (GPS) digital master clocks
  • DSU: Time display slave units
  • AFTN/AMSS: Aeronautical Information Message Switching Systems
  • AMHS: Automatic Message Handling Systems
  • ATC and TWR consoles and workstations