Isode's M-Box POP/IMAP Server can be configured to operate as a gateway, enabling IMAP email access (including LEMONADE features) to POP3 only email accounts. Ideal for mobile email access.

It can also be used as a gateway to corporate email servers such as Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes/Domino servers as both can be configured to support the POP3 protocol. You can read more about the Mobile Email Gateway here.

Evaluation Objectives

By the end of this evaluation you will have:

  • Understood how the Isode M-Box Server operates in "Gateway Mode"
  • Installed the Isode M-Box Server and configured it to act as a "POP to IMAP Gateway"
  • Accessed an existing POP3 mail account using an IMAP (Desktop or Mobile) client

Getting Started

To download the program files you'll need an evaluation password, you can request one using this short form. When we receive the completed form we'll also send you the product activation key you'll need to run the packages successfully.

You can download the evaluation documentation without logging in.


Title PDF
POP/IMAP Mail Gateway Evaluation Guide
M-Box Administration Guide

Program Files (64-bit)

Debian (x86) RHEL (& CentOS) Windows Server
M-Box M-Box M-Box

More on Evaluations

We welcome evaluations of our products and will make support resources available to you for the duration of your evaluation. Before considering evaluating Isode's products you should take a look at our Supported Platforms statement.