Icon-5066 is a modem-independent STANAG 5066 server. It enables applications to work efficiently over HF Modems/Radios and allows multiple applications to work simultaneously.

Evaluation Objectives

This evaluation shows how to configure two STANAG 5066 nodes that are connected to Isode's Modem Radio Sky Simulator (MoRaSky). By the end of this evaluation you will have:

  1. Installed the Icon-5066 Server Software and started the Icon-5066 Services.
  2. Used the Web Based User Interface to configure S5066 Node 1 and S5066 Node 2 that are connected to each other via a local Isode MoRaSky instance.
  3. Connected the S5066 Console GUI to S5066 Node 1 and S5066 Node 2 to test data throughput.

Getting Started

To download the program files you'll need an password, you can request one using this short form. When we receive the completed form we'll also send you the product activation key you'll need to run the package successfully. You can download the evaluation documentation without logging in.


Title PDF
Icon-5066 Evaluation Guide
Icon-5066 Administration Guide

Program Files (64-bit)

Debian (x86) RHEL (& CentOS) Windows Server
Icon-5066 Icon-5066 Icon-5066

More on Evaluations

We welcome evaluations of our products and will make support resources available to you for the duration of your evaluation. Before considering evaluating Isode's products you should take a look at our Supported Platforms statement.