M-Switch X.400 is a high performance, highly flexible and robust X.400 Message Transfer Agent (MTA). It suitable for use either as a departmental MTA or as a backbone MTA. M-Store X.400 is an associated X.400 Message Store. Other pages on this site contain more information on M-Switch X.400 and M-Store X.400.

Evaluation Objectives

This evaluation makes use of directory configuration, and so also includes installation and configuration of M-Vault. The installation package combines a Quick Configuration wizard and test clients, enabling a complete system to be built and run in less than an hour. By the end of this evaluation you will have:

  • Created, started and connected to a directory server for use with your messaging configuration.
  • Bound to the directory server, created a messaging configuration and a user mailbox using MConsole, an Isode management tools for M-Switch configuration and operational management.
  • Exchanged X.400 messages using Isode test X.400 User Agent, Xuxa.

Getting Started

Apply now using this short form and we'll provide you with the login details necessary to download the program files you'll need for an evaluation. You can download the evaluation documentation without logging in, using the links below.


Title PDF
X.400 Messaging Server Suite Evaluation Guide
M-Store X.400 Administration Guide
M-Switch Administration Guide

Program Files (64-bit)

Debian (x86) RHEL (& CentOS) Windows Server
M-Switch M-Switch M-Switch

More on Evaluations

We welcome evaluations of our products and will make support resources available to you for the duration of your evaluation. Before considering evaluating Isode's products you should take a look at our Supported Platforms statement.