M-Link is Isode's Instant Messaging server based on the XMPP (eXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol) standard. You can read more about M-Link here. Isode messaging products, including M-Link, have special functionality to optimize operation over constrained bandwidth links (such as HF and SatCom), more information can be found in the whitepaper [M-Link Support for XMPP over Constrained Networks].

Evaluation Objectives

This evaluation guide is intended for those wishing to set up Isode's M-Link XMPP server to run over constrained links. By "constrained links" we mean setting up M-Link to operate over one or both of:

  • IP Networks, such as SatCom or IP over radio links.
  • HF Radio using STANAG 5066 (the NATO standard for data applications over HF radio).

This evaluation follows directly on from the M-Link XMPP server Evaluation and assumes that you have completed the tasks in that guide and/or have gained familiarity with M-Link from operational experience. During this evaluation you will:

  • Set up a peer-to-peer link over an IP network between two M-Link servers
  • Set up a peer-to-peer link over a HF Radio (STANAG 5066) network between two M-Link servers
  • Set up Federated Multi-User Chat to ensure stable operation of MUC over a constrained link
  • Filter out some types of traffic between servers in order to improve performance of both 1:1 and Multi-User Chat

Interaction with M-Link will use:

  • M-Link Console (MLC): A GUI management tool that enables configuration and management of an M-Link system
  • Swift: Isode’s multi-platform XMPP client

Getting Started

If you do not already have M-Link setup, or need to set up a second system for this evaluation, you will need download the program files using the links below. Downloads require an evaluation password, if you do not already have one you can request one using this short form. You can download the evaluation documentation without logging in.


Title PDF
XMPP Instant Messaging (Constrained Links) Evaluation Guide
M-Link Administration Guide

Program Files (64-bit)

Debian (x86) RHEL (& CentOS) Windows Server
M-Link M-Link M-Link

More on Evaluations

We welcome evaluations of our products and will make support resources available to you for the duration of your evaluation. Before considering evaluating Isode's products you should take a look at our Supported Platforms statement.