This evaluation follows on from the M-Link Instant Messaging Evaluation, M-Link is Isode's Instant Messaging server based on the XMPP (eXtensible Messaging and Presence) protocol. You can read more about M-Link here.

This guide is intended for those wishing to set up a basic XMPP Form Discovery and Publishing (FDP) configuration using the capabilities within Isode's M-Link server, Isode's Demonstration Web Client and Isode's M-Link FDP Demonstration (Windows) Desktop Client.

A whitepaper [Military Forms using XMPP] is available which looks at the requirements for military forms and how XEP-0346 “Forms Discovery & Publishing” can be used to address these requirements

Evaluation Objectives

At the end of this evaluation you will have:

  • Configured an M-Link FDP Domain & upload sample form templates.
  • Configured BOSH on the M-Link Server (for use with the M-Link FDP Web Client).
  • Installed the M-Link FDP Desktop (Windows) Client and the M-Link FDP Web Client.
  • Used both desktop and web clients to submit (as a publisher) and receive (as a subscriber) a CASREP form.

Getting Started

To download the program files you'll need an evaluation password, you can request one using this short form. When we receive the completed form we'll also send you the product activation key you'll need to run the packages successfully. You can download the evaluation documentation without logging in.


Title PDF
XMPP Form Discovery and Publishing Evaluation Guide
M-Link Administration Guide

Program Files

Windows M-Link FDP Client fdptool-1.0.0.msi
M-Link FDP Form Templates
M-Link FDP Web Client Files

Please contact if you need any help installing or configuring the FDP capability.

More on Evaluations

We welcome evaluations of our products and will make support resources available to you for the duration of your evaluation. Before considering evaluating Isode's products you should take a look at our Supported Platforms statement.