Icon-5066 provides capabilities for providing coherent management of an ALE Network, potentially comprising ALE Units from multiple vendors. This provides mechanisms that go beyond the capabilities provided by many ALE Unit vendors.

Capabilities provided, some of which are shown in the screenshot above are:

  • HF Network configuration using ALE or fixed frequency.
  • Configuration of default HF Network parameters to ensure coherency.
  • Configuration of ALE Addresses for STANAG 5066 nodes, including binary 3G and 4G ALE addresses.
  • Configuration of frequencies used, including support for STANAG 5069 wideband frequencies of variable width.
  • Configuration of schedules so that the fixed frequency or set of ALE frequencies used can be varied throughout the day.
  • Import/Export so that HF Network configuration can be created on one node and then exported so that other nodes can be set up with the same configuration.

Icon-5066 will use this configuration to ensure that the local ALE unit is correctly configured and will change configuration with the schedules.