Isode provides a wide range of client and gateway APIs for use with our Server products.

X.400 Client & Gateway APIs

Isode provides both Gateway APIs and a Client API for use with its X.400 messaging server products. Isode's X.400 Client API provides a simple abstraction of the X.400 functionality to meet the needs of client applications.

Isode's Gateway API is available for Java or as a simple 'C' interface to conect external messaging services to X.400, for example integration of a military X.400 system with ACP127 Messaging, integration of an air traffic messaging system with AFTN Messaging or integration of a messaging system with facsimile or telex services.

AMHS Gateway API

AMHS (Aeronautical Message Handling Systems) is the International Civil Aviation Organization's standard for provision of ground to ground communication.

The Isode AMHS Gateway API is designed for use by vendors building solutions for the aviation industry, in developing ground to ground applications that operate over AMHS, and for integrating AMHS applications with the older AFTN and CIDIN networks.

Directory Client API

Many applications need to access a directory in order to perform authentication and to obtain configuration information. Isode's Directory Client API provides a simple API to enable applications to do this. This API is designed so that it is easy for applications to access generic directory functionality, and also provides additional function for specific applications and markets

XMPP Client Library

Swiften is a robust, high-quality, standards-compliant, cross-platform, and performant C++ library for implementing XMPP applications. Swiften is used as the back-end library for the Swift IM client