Whilst Isode server software can be used with any appropriate standards based messaging client, Isode's own messaging clients for Email and XMPP have been designed to complement the features found in our messaging servers.

Email Messaging

Harrier, Isode's Military Messaging client, provides a modern user-interface to military messages on both Web and Android platforms. Although designed for the military market, Harrier is equally suited to non-military users with strong messaging security requirements and in particular those needing support for security labels with messaging.

XUXA is a demonstration cross-platform X.400 User Agent, provided by Isode to help Isode customers demonstrate and test Isode products and APIs.

XMPP Instant Messaging

Swift is a multi-platform, free and open-source XMPP client for instant messaging and multi-user chat. Swift is available on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux (wth other platforms under development). Commercial support packages for large Swift installations are available from Isode.

Swift contains a number of advanced features such as security labelling and message acknowledgements, that make it an ideal match for Isode's M-Link XMPP Server.

XMPP Forms Data Processing

M-Link enables flexible forms publishing and distribution. Forms are important for military operations, and there is often a need to handle forms quickly and share with a large number of users.

Isode provides a web client for forms discovery, forms publishing, topic subscription and form alerts. More information on Isode's products for this area can be found on the Forms Discovery and Publishing page.