Isode's Directory products include servers, management tools and APIs. On this page you'll find information about our products for Directory Data Access and Management. On other pages you can find information on Isode's M-Vault LDAP/X.500 Directory Server, Directory Integration and Directory Server and System Management.

Sodium (Secure Open Data, Identity and User Manager)

Sodium is used to securely manage the data and secure identities held in M-Vault. It provides information managers and system administrators with an easy to use Graphical User Interface.

Sodium is part of the Isode directory product set, and is ideal for use with M-Vault. It may also be used with any directory server which supports X.500 DAP (Directory Access Protocol) or LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol), and can be purchased separately from M-Vault.

Sodium features include:

  • Support for Strong Authentication and Signed Operations
  • X.509 certificate request and management functions
  • Password Management
  • Extensive built-in schema support
  • Easy Browsing and Searching
  • PKI Visualization
  • Extensive Data modification, addition and checking facilities
  • Bulk Load/Dump of LDIF files
  • Flexible template configuration
  • Management of Security Labels, Security Clearances, Catalogs and Security Policy

Sodium is also used for data-oriented management of M-Vault. In particular management of ACI (Access Control Information) following the X.500 standard is handled by Sodium. More information on Sodium.

DSI (Directory Services Interface)

The Directory Services Interface consists of three web-based applications, all shipped with Isode's M-Vault Directory Server:

  • Personal Information Manager: Enabling personal information management (including policy-aware password changes and whitepages information) together with a contacts and Groups browser
  • Directory: An interface to contact details held in the directory
  • Phonebook: A simple phonebook listing of contacts in the directory

DSI is the directory equivalent of the Internet Messaging Administrator, a collection of web-based tools shipped with Isode's messaging servers. The Directory Services Interface is extensively customizeable both in terms of look and feel and content. More information on the Directory Services Interface.

Directory Client API & Library

Many applications need to access a directory in order to perform authentication and to obtain configuration information. Isode's Directory Client API provides a simple API to enable applications to do this. This API is designed so that it is easy for applications to access generic directory functionality, and also provides additional function for specific applications and markets.

Isode's Directory Client API uses X.500 Directory Access Protocol (DAP) and/or LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) to access a Directory. X.500 DAP support is important for applications that require use of DAP, or need to make use of schema definitions that are only defined for used with X.500 (e.g., directory syntaxes defined in X.402 to support X.400 use of directory). LDAP is supported using the same API. More information on the Directory Client API & Library.