Isode's Directory products include servers and management tools. On this page you'll find information about our products for Directory Integration.

On other pages you can find information on Isode's M-Vault LDAP/X.500 Directory ServerDirectory Data Access & Management and Directory Server and System Management.

Sodium Sync

Sodium Sync allows the synchronization of data from one directory server to another using LDAP or X.500 DAP.

For example, this can be used to replicate account information from Active Directory into M-Vault. Key features of Sodium Sync:

  • Synchronization is very easy to set up.
  • A single GUI can be used to access both directory servers and managing synchronization.
  • Simple profiles for common synchronization types.
  • Robust high performance operation.
  • Filtering and data mapping functionality for advanced synchronization.
  • Streamed implementation enables efficient synchronization of large directory information trees.
  • Scheduling synchronizations handled by a background process.
  • Monitoring of scheduled synchronizations.
  • Flexible LDIF support.

More information on Sodium-Sync.

M-Vault Connector

A specialised version of the full M-Vault Directory Server, M-Vault Connector is a directory server that supports both LDAPv3 and X.500, and can be used to connect an LDAP-only directory server as part of an X.500 Directory Service and build an integrated directory service, linking together other directory servers (LDAP or X.500) into a coherent single directory service.

More information on M-Vault Connector.