The Directory Services Interface (DSI) consists of four web-based applications, all shipped with Isode's M-Vault Directory Server:

  • Personal Information Manager: Enabling personal information management (including password changes and white pages information) together with a contacts and Groups browser
  • Directory: An interface to contact details held in the directory
  • Phonebook: A simple phonebook listing of contacts in the directory
  • Password manager interface for system operators

DSI provides users with flexible access to the Isode directory services, without requiring a directory client to be installed on the desktop.

Customizable Interfaces

DSI is a web-based application with its 'look and feel' controlled by customizable stylesheets.

More extensive customization, including selecting which attributes to use and display and control of some applications by delegated administrators, is available via Isode's DSIForms.

Support for Password Policy

DSI supports password policies set in the directory, including account locking, password aging and the exclusion of special accounts from the password policy.

Password policies are set in the directory using Isode's Sodium directory management tool.

Resetting Password

DSI provides a password manager Web operator interface to enable appropriately privileged operators to reset user passwords.

DSI also provides a Web interface as part of the personal information manager to enable users to reset their own passwords, making use of an email containing a “one time” URL. Details are given in this blog post.