Isode messaging gateways enable the seamless exchange of email messages and XMPP instant messages between standard and constrained networks supporting a variety of messaging protocols.

High Grade (Military Messaging) Gateway

Isode's M-Switch can be configured to act as a gateway between a number of different high-grade/formal messaging protocols widely used in military communications including STANAG 4406, ACP127 (including ACP126, ACP128 and JANAP128), SMTP and MMHS over SMTP. Together with an ACP133 compliant directory (such as Isode's M-Vault) M-Switch can also be configured as an ACP145 gateway.

More information can be found on the product page for high grade messaging gateways, M-Switch can also be used to support constrained bandwidth messaging.


M-Switch MIXER is a high performance message switch, providing conversion between X.400 and Internet email according to the MIXER specifications. M-Switch MIXER's X.400 capabilities are based on M-Switch X.400 and its SMTP capabilites are based on M-Switch SMTP.

More information can be found on the M-Switch MIXER product page.

XMPP/IRC Gateway

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a legacy real time text chat service primarily used for group chat. Isode's M-Link IRC gateway enables connections between XMPP MUC rooms and IRC channels, without downgrading security for XMPP users with XMPP traffic.

More information can be found on the M-Link IRC Gateway product page.

XMPP Boundary Guard

M-Link Edge, based on our M-Link XMPP server, can be configured in a number of ways to act as an XMPP Boundary Guard. A wide range of traffic and message controls can be applied by M-Link Edge deployed as a soingle process boundary guard, back-to-back (on each side of a firewall) or in oncjunction with a High Assurance Guard.

More information can be found on the M-Link Edge product page.

Constrained Networks

In many military deployments, it is often necessary to run messaging systems over constrained networks (such as HF, Wideband HF and SatCom). The low-bandwidth and/or high-latency nature of these networks makes use of standard messaging protocols impractical. Isode's Constrained Network Gateways enable the exchange of email and instant messages between standard messaging protocols and the constrained bandwdith variations of these protocols.