Isode's Internet Messaging Administrator (IMA) is a web-based interface with functionality for Top-Level (System) Administrators, Domain Owners (Delegated Administrators) and messaging account End-Users.

This page deals with functionality available to Top-Level Administrators. On other pages you can find more information on functionality for Top-Level Administrators and functionality for End-Users.


The interface for Delegated Administrators allows access to:

The content and appearance of all elements of the Internet Message Administrator are extremely customizable and can be easily modified to suit in-house requirements.

Directory Browser

The directory browser allows Delegated Administrators to lookup information on users within the domains over which they have access rights. Aimed at delegated small organizations, departmental or 'family' ISP accounts, the directory browser incorporates basic searching and automatically generates vCards.

User Manager

The User Manager allows Delegated Administrators to create, manage and delete user email accounts within the domains that they have management rights over. This functionality is also available to Top-Level Administrators, covering all users and all domains.


The Internet Messaging Administrator is available as part of our Internet Messaging Suite evaluation.