Isode's Personal Information Manager is a web-based interface with functionality for Top-Level (System) Administrators, Domain Owners (Delegated Administrators) and messaging account End-Users.

This page deals with functionality available to End-Users of messaging systems. On other pages you can find more information on functionality for Top-Level Administrators such as Email Service Providers and functionality for Delegated Administrators.


The Personal Information Administrator (PIA) is a web-based interface giving the end-user access to:

As with the Internet Messaging Administrato (IMA)r, the content and appearance of the Personal Information Administrator is extremely customizable and can be easily modified to suit in-house requirements. Any or all PIA features can be removed should they be deemed unsuitable to the deployment environment.

General Personal Information & Password Management

Users can utilize PIA to change logon password and modify their own 'white page' information such as contact telephone numbers and address, the kind of information that it is more logical for the user to provide and keep up-to-date than the messaging system administrator.

Mail Delivery Actions

End users can use PIA to set vacation notifications and submit custom SIEVE scripts defining mail handling options.

Whitelist information

Users can list email addresses that will be excluded from normal spam tests.

Directory Browser

The directory browser allows users to lookup information on other users, within the same domain, and which is held in the directory. Aimed at delegated small organizations, departmental or 'family' ISP accounts, the directory browser incorporates basic searching and automatically generates vCards. This functionality is also available to Delegated Administrators, who have access to directory information on all users within domains to which they have delegated administration rights.

Further information on Isode's approach to web-based management can be found in the Isode whitepaper "Web Interfaces to the Directory".


The Personal Information Administrator is available as part of our Internet Messaging Suite evaluation.