Isode's Internet Messaging Administrator is a web-based interface with functionality for Top-Level (System) Administrators, Domain Owners (Delegated Administrators) and messaging account End-Users.

Whilst every individual in a messaging system has, by default, access to end-user functionality, IMA grants additional management privilages to individuals assigned as delegated administrators and top-level system administrators.

System administrators have overall control of a messaging infrastructure, an Internet Service Provider (ISP) would be a top-level administrator. Delegated administrators have control over domains delegated to them for administration purposes, an ISP would delegate domain control to customers using their service.

IMA Aministration Levels

For more information on the functionality represented here, you should refer to the individual pages covering:

A web-based interface to Isode's Directory products is also available, the Directory Services Interface (DSI) includes Personal Information Administrator, Directory and Phonebook applications.

IMA supports password policies set in the directory, including account locking, password aging and the exclusion of special accounts from the password policy.

Customizable Interfaces

IMA is a web-based application with its look and feel is largely dictated by stylesheets.

Individual stylesheets control appearance of User, Delegated and System interfaces, enabling messaging infrastructure owners to change appearance to match corporate standards and offer branded delegated administration and end-user functions to customers.


The Internet Messaging Administrator is available as part of our Internet Messaging Suite evaluation.