Isode provides a capability to dump a complete M-Switch, M-Box, M-Store X.400 configuration, with associated M-Vault configuration to a directory structure of files wrapped into a single .zip file. This includes LDIF of directory configuration, bind profile, registry settings and other files.

The matching restore function can be applied to a clean Isode product installation and restore the configuration. The restore function is driven by an XML configuration which will allow transformation of the backup configuration, to change parameters such as host name, and relocate directory configurations to different parts of the directory information tree (DIT).

The primary target of this system is for complex managed M-Switch configurations. This allows a reference backup configuration to be generated. This can then be deployed (with appropriate transformation) on multiple reference and live systems. The reference backup can be changed by modification of a reference system with standard Isode GUI tools, and then dumping an updated reference configuration. This avoids the need for extensive manual directions or for writing complex custom scripts.

This tool is also useful for customers to share configuration information with Isode support.