Isode's Directory products include servers and management tools. On this page you'll find information about our M-Vault LDAP/X.500 Directory Server. On other pages you can find information on Directory Data Access & Management, Directory Integration and Directory Server and System Management.

Isode's M-Vault is a high-performance secure LDAP/X.500 server. M-Vault can be used as a standalone Directory server, as part of a distributed Directory Service or to store configuration information for Isode's Internet Messaging and X.400 Messaging.


M-Vault provides a unique set of security features, including Strong Authentication based on X.509 PKI, Signed Operations, Flexible Prescriptive and Role Based Access Control, Security Policy, Rule Based Access Control based on Security Labels, Audit Logging and Password Policy. Click for more information on M-Vault Security.

Scalability & Performance

M-Vault features very high performance for read, search and modification functions, combined with a high level of scalability to directories containing tens of millions of entries. M-Vault's high performance multi-protocol, multi-threaded architecture is scalable to multi-processor platforms and can be easily extended to support additional protocols. SMP (Symmetric Multiprocessing) is supported to exploit the power of multiprocessing systems. Click for more information on M-Vault Scalability and Performance.

Replication & Data Distribution

Data can be distributed across servers using X.500 DSP (Directory System Protocol). Enterprise LDAP servers can also be connected into a distributed directory using M-Vault's support for LDAP chaining. Data can be replicated between servers using X.500 DISP (Directory Information Shadowing Protocol) and/or Isode’s multi-master replication as described in the [ACID Multi-Master Replication in M-Vault Directory] whitepaper. Server to server communication (DSP Chaining and DISP Replication) are secured using X.509 based strong authentication. Click for more information on M-Vault Replication & Data Distribution.

Reliability & Fault Tolerance

M-Vault uses an underlying high-end database transaction subsystem, which provides assurance that hardware, operating system or application failures will not corrupt a directory server database. This transaction support also enables on-line backup procedures for disaster recovery. M-Vault provides fail-over clustering and off site disaster recovery using either a SAN approach or one or more independent failover servers as well as multi-master replication. Click for more information on M-Vault Reliability & Fault Tolerance.

Standards Conformance

M-Vault has full X.500 (2008) functionality incorporating replication, access control and strong authentication. It also supports the latest LDAP standards and industry standards for data held in the directory. Click for more information on the supported standards for LDAP and X.500 as well as Aviation and Military Standards conformance.