MConsole (Message Console) is Isode's central tool for M-Switch Management. On this page you'll find information on MConsole configuration management features for Internet Messaging. Information on MConsole Operational Management features are on the MConsole: Messaging Operational Management page.

Isode Messaging configuration is stored in the directory for M-Switch and M-Box. These servers access their configuration from the directory. MConsole manages configuration in the directory for M-Switch. M-Box configuration is set up by MConsole.


MConsole connects to the directory using an Isode Bind Profile, shared with Sodium and other Isode GUIs that access the directory. Multiple messaging configurations can be managed from MConsole. The configuration management screen shown below enables creation, backup and restore of messaging configurations.

User and Mailbox Management

MConsole provide an Internet Mailbox View that supports:

  • M-Box mailboxes, to enable easy addition of mailboxes to an M-Switch configuration.
  • Redirections, to redirect local addresses to a remote mailbox.
  • File Transfer by Email users for easy support of the M-Switch FTBE capability.
  • X.400 address specification for each mailbox to facilitate per-user MIXER address mappings.
  • White pages information support.

Configuration Management

In this configuration the top row shows the tabs leading to different views appropriate to an Internet Messaging configuration. The base set of channels can be seen, and tabs for detailed MTA configuration.


The configuration view shown above gives comprehensive access to M-Switch and M-Box configuration, and overall message routing.

Configuration Wizards

New configurations can be set up and existing ones modified using a configuration wizard, making it easy to set up simple configurations for a range of different purposes, while not imposing any constraints on more complex ones.