The Audit Database, has a number of management functions, with the primary management access being provided by the MConsole GUI. The Message Operator Interface provides a secondary Web interface with a subst of the MConsole capability that allows in-depth examination of and control over messaging activity across multiple MTAs. It gives access to Message searching, Quarantine management, User role allocation and setup, and statistical reporting.

The content and appearance of the operator interfaces and quarantine notification messages are customizable and can be easily modified to suit in-house requirements.

Message Tracking

A search form allows authenticated users detailed searching across all messages delivered by the MTAs being monitored using a web browser. The thumbnail image below shows the parameters available for message searching.


Quarantine Management

M-Switch includes the ability to check and quarantine messages based on a ruleset that you can customise and control. The Message Operator Interface adds the ability to manage these quarantined messages.

When a message arrives that falls within the parameters the administrator has set and is quarantined, a message is sent to the intended recipient(s) containing a quarantine notification.

The quarantine notification message contents are defined as a script, customisable for each installation. By default it contains:

  • A link to the quarantined message centre, where the user can search and take action on all their quarantined messages.
  • A link to a configuration screen where access passwords and notification message attributes can be set.
  • A 'release' link to the Quarantine Management page for each message so that messages can be released for forwarding onto the user's mailbox.

Administrators can also release or delete quarantined messages.

User Role Allocation & Setup

The Role Manager allows access rights and permisions to be allocated to the different roles adopted by users. In the screenshot below access permissions are set for a new role 'test'.

User Role Allocation

Once roles have been set, users can be allocated roles suitable to their needs.

Statistical Reporting

Log files are read by the Audit Log Deamon and sent to the Audit Log Database as they are written, allowing real-time monitoring of messaging activity.

Reports can be generated based on many criteria including; Spam score, Recipients, MTA, Message Size, Message Originator and Message Status (delivered, quarantined, transfered, rejected, etc.).