Isode develops and supports COTS server software for Directory (X.500 and LDAP), Directory Synchronisation, Email Messaging (SMTP and X.400) and Instant Messaging and Presence using the XMPP protocol.

LDAP/X.500 Directory

M-Vault is a high performance Directory Server product family, including replication, X.500 support and security management. X.500 support. Isode provides a Directory Client API to enable applications to access a directory in order to perform authentication and to obtain configuration information. More information can be found from the Directory Server overview page.

Data Synchronisation

Isode's Sodium Sync enables synchronization between directory servers and other data sources such as files and databases. Provides a comprehensive data synchronization tool with extensive data transformation, correlation and merging capabilities. More information can be found on the Data Synchronization overview page

XMPP Instant Messaging

M-Link is Isode's high-performance XMPP server, that can be used to support 1:1 chat, multi-user chat (MUC), Personal Eventing (PEP) and other XMPP services. M-Link features include Wide and Local Area clustering. Archiving, Security Labels and other security features. More information can be found from the M-Link overview page.

Isode also provides multi-platform XMPP Client (Swift) and XMPP Client Library (Swiften).

Email Messaging (SMTP & X.400)

Isode's M-Switch Message Transfer Agents (MTAs) are robust, high performance internet and X.400 messaging servers with value added processing. M-Switch SMTP and M-Switch X.400 are widely used in the military and intelligence markets and the aviation industry in conjunction with, or indepently of, Isode message stores for POP/IMAP (M-Box) and X.400 P7/P3 (M-Store).

Isode also provides a military email messaging client (Harrier) as well as X.400 Client and Gateway APIs.