Isode's own GUI tools, such as MConsole and Web Tools are ideal for monitoring and managing Isode's servers. Some deployments use SNMP (Simple Network Monitoring Protocol) to monitor a wide range of network and other components. Although this approach is becoming less common, Isode still provides some support for it.


SNMP is supported by some network components and applications as well as specialised management consoles. Isode M-Switch incorporates SNMP capabilities for integration with third-party monitoring tools.

M-Switch uses as sub-agent model for support of SNMP. This works by having a single Master Agent on a server, that will respond to external queries. Then the master agent interacts with sub-agents associated with each of the monitored servers. This enables the Management Console to get information from the application. Isode uses the Internet Standard AgentX protocol (RFC 2741) to communicate between the master agent and sub-agent. Full sub-agent and AgentX support is included with the Isode servers.


The SNMP framework enables monitoring of a large variety of network components and applications, in a manner which can be integrated with the general monitoring of an enterprise infrastructure, by use of the MIB (Management Information Base) concept.
A MIB defines the variables that are available in the application to be monitored using SNMP.
M-Switch support monitoring using a set of MIBs, collectively known as the MADMAN (Mail and Directory MANagement) MIBs, developed in the 1990's by Isode CEO, Steve Kille
There are three Internet Standard MIBs of particular importance to Isode, that are collectively known as the MADMAN (Mail And Directory MANagement) MIBs. These are:

RFC 2788 Network Services Monitoring

RFC 2788 defines a generic MIB that is appropriate to any application that can make a network connection. It provides information on the basic application status, and information on active connections, including how long the connection has been running and the protocol. Isode supports this MIB for its M-Switch product. This MIB provides basic information, which is supplemented by two specific MIBs. This MIB is illustrated above, showing a system running two networked applications

RFC 2789 Mail Monitoring

RFC 2789 defines additional information for a message switch. This includes information on messages queued, and historical information on messages transferred in and out over various channels. This MIB is implemented in Isode's M-Switch product.

RFC 2605 Directory Server Monitoring

RFC 2605 defines additional information for a directory server, and in particular information on the various directory operations performed, so that directory operation rate and performance can be monitored.


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