Isode provides a complete set of X.400 products, providing solutions for military and intelligence markets, for the aviation industry, and others needing X.400 solutions. Isode is committed to ongoing support and development of the X.400 and X.500 protocols in its products, and has staff with extensive knowledge and experience in these protocols, including work on specifying the standards.

See below for introductions to the following areas (together with links to more detailed information):

X.400 Messaging Servers

Isode provides a set of server products supporting all of the major X.400 and X.500 protocols and services. In most deployments, Isode's X.500 Directory Server, M-Vault X.500, is used to provide a configuration database for the three X.400 products.

M-Switch X.400

Isode's M-Switch X.400 product is a full X.400 MTA (Message Transfer Agent) offering high performance and flexibility. It supports the P1 protocol (for transferring messages to and from other MTAs) and the P3 protocol (for message submission and delivery).

M-Store X.400

Isode's X.400 Message Store provides online message storage with high performance access for X.400 P7 clients and integration with M-Switch using X.400 P3 submission and delivery.

M-Switch MIXER

M-Switch MIXER is a high performance message switch, providing conversion between X.400 and Internet email according to theMIXER specifications.

X.400 Messaging Server Management

Isode Management tools, shipped with the Isode servers, can be separated into two broad categories:

Tools for Configuration Management

Isode's configuration management tools are used with both our Internet and X.400 messaging servers. Isode recommends directory based configuration, all configuration information is stored in a directory (which may be distributed) and configuration information can be shared between messaging servers (more).

Tools for Operational Management

Isode ships a number of flexible management tools to support monitoring and control of an operational messaging system, including server monitoring, quarantine management message tracking and administration (more).


All Isode servers and management tools are available for evaluation. Click on the relevant link below for more information.

  • M-Switch X.400 and M-Store X.400: X.400 Infrastructure with Message Switching, optional Message Store, using directory configuration. This evaluation should be done first.
  • M-Switch MIXER: Conversion between X.400 and Internet Mail. This package helps evaluate MIXER, and sets up an operational configuration.