On this page you'll find an overview of Isode's XMPP products, covering both server and client-side functionality including the M-Link XMPP Server, IRC Gateway, M-Link Edge Boundary Guard, Swift XMPP Client and Swiften XMPP Client Library.

All Isode products are built to deliver the highest standards of security and reliability. Isode's core M-Link XMPP Server and Swift XMPP Client products are both on the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) "Approved Products List".

M-Link Server

M-Link is used in both specialised deployments where security, reliability and special functionality are vital and in large public deployments where responsiveness, performance and scalability are paramount. The world's first public XMPP deployment (jabber.org), one of the largest XMPP services with over 300,000 users, runs on M-Link.

M-Link can be used to support 1:1 chat, multi-user chat (MUC), Personal Eventing (PEP) and other XMPP services. M-Link features include Wide and Local Area clustering, archiving, security labels and other security features. Information on M-Link's core capabilities can be found on the M-Link Server page.

M-Link Edge

M-Link supports peering controls for simple boundary controls applied individually to each server. The M-Link Edge Boundary Guard enables controls to be applied and checks made seperate to the XMPP server(s) providing an XMPP service and, as a boundary guard can support multiple XMPP servers within the organisation, there is no need to configure and manage peering controls for each server.

M-Link Edge can be deployed standalone (for simple configurations needing a single process control), back to back (so that each M-Link Edge can be operated according to the policy on its side of the boundary) or in conjunction with a High Assurance Guard. For more information see the product page on M-Link Edge.

M-Link IRC Gateway

The M-Link IRC Gateway enables connections between M-Link and one or more IRC servers. The Gateway operates by associating XMPP MUC rooms with IRC Channels, with the IRC Nickname based on the MUC nickname of each user (identical where IRC constraints allow). 

The M-Link IRC Gateway functionality is totally transparent to XMPP users, includes support for security labels and involves no downgrade of security for XMPP users over XMPP traffic. More information on the gateway can be found here.

Swift XMPP Client

Swift is a multi-platform, free and open-source XMPP client for instant messaging and multi-user chat. Swift is available on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Commercial suport packages for large Swift installations are available from Isode.

Swiften XMPP Client Library

Swiften is a robust, high-quality, standards-compliant, cross-platform, and performant C++ library for implementing XMPP applications. Swiften is used as the back-end library for the Swift IM client. For more information please see the Swiften product page.

Web Apps

The M-Link suite includes three JavaScript web applications for Statistic, Message Archive Browsing and Form Discovery & Publishing. These applications connect to M-Link using XMPP running over BOSH [Bidirectional streams Over Synchronous HTTP] . For more information see the Web Applications product page.

Management Tools

M-Link Console is GUI tool that provides full configuration and operational management of M-Link servers and clusters. For more information, please see the page on M-Link Management which also includes information on SNMP monitoring and Web Tools for account management.