Many Isode partners are developing and launching AMHS Terminals (sometimes known as AMHS User Agents) which connect to the AMHS Service using X.400 P3 or P7, to replace AFTN Terminals currently in use and deliver AMHS directly to the end-user.

You can learn more about AMHS Terminals here, on this page we feature specific examples from:


Avitech: ADAMS End User Station

The Avitech ADAMS End User Station is a Graphical User Interface Client Software for sending and receiving of messages to/from AFTN and AMHS switches. The AFTN switch communication is X.29/PAD, X.25 SVC/PVC, TCP/IP and asynchronous. The AMHS User Agent (UA) is part of the end user station and communicates with the message store using the P7 protocol. If enforced message delivery is required then the P3 protocol is also available. P3 and P7 are running over TCP/IP.

The Human Machine Interface for AFTN and AMHS in the End User Station is harmonised to assist the operator transition from AFTN to AMHS. The End User Station includes templates for generating NOTAM, SNOWTAM, Flight Plans and Flight Plan modification messages and has a configurable local message store to enable rapid tracing and retrieval of both transmitted and received messages. An address book functionality is available for both AFTN and AMHS and for AMHS the UA can optionally be expanded to use X.500/DAP or LDAP directory services.

Monitoring of connectivity, signalling of received SS messages and automatic generation of SS message confirmation upon an operator acknowledgement of a priority alarm are additional features to assist operators. The corresponding AMHS function of sending receipt notifications based on receipt notification requests, which are contained in the inter personal massage header, is implemented as well. The receipt notifications will be sent upon operator acknowledgement.

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Comsoft: CADAS AMHS User Agent

The CADAS (COMSOFT Aeronautical Data Access System) AMHS User Agent is an advanced messaging solution adapted to the needs and wishes of ATS operators. In this AMHS Terminal Application, Comsoft has combined the reliable and proven ATS CADAS product family with its expert skills in the leading-edge AMHS/X.400 technology.


  • Full set of templates including ICAO Doc. 4444/8126, WMO Doc. 386/306
  • Advanced semantic checking mechanisms supported by the Aeronautical Reference Database
  • Powerful traffic database search facility
  • Sending, reception, and display of file attachments
  • Address book and Directory Service access
  • Connectivity via standards X.400/P7 and HTTP

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Symbion: Sensei Messenger

Whether being used as an AMHS User Agent or an AFTN Terminal, Sensei Messenger provides and operator with the same familiar and consistent interface for message transmission and reception.

For smooth transition between the AFTN and AMHS, automatic of AFTN adresses can be archived through automatic X.500 directory access using the DAP protocol. A number of User Agents can be connected through a central server with incoming messages being routed to the intended recipient(s) and or printer(s), by address and/or message type. An audible alert for a distress message is activated on reception.

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