Isode's solutions are split into two categories:

Vertical Solution: Aviation Directory

The ATN (Air Traffic Network) Directory is defined by ICAO (International Civil Aviation Authority) as a part of the overall ATN specifications. A major goal of the ATN Directory is to support AMHS, which is described in Isode's AMHS Solutions Page. Isode uses directory services as a core part of its AMHS solution, and to enable the Extended ATS Message Service, that requires support of the ATN Directory.

The ATN Directory has broader scope than AMHS, and is appropriate for holding general information and in particular PKI and security related information.

More information can be found on the Aviation Directory overview page.

Vertical Solution: Aviation Messaging

The aviation industry is adopting AMHS (Air Traffic Services (ATS) Message Handling Services) to support ground to ground communications for services such as flight plans and meteorological data. This will eventually replace the current AFTN (Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network) and CIDIN (Common ICAO Data Interchange Network) based systems.

AMHS-based systems are now being deployed around the globe with a large majority of countries who have so far made the switch, using solutions from Isode partners, based on Isode servers and APIs.

More information can be found on the Aviation Messaging overview page.

Vertical Solution: Government Directory

Whilst Government departments typically have a fair degree of autonomy in selecting the IT systems they use, there is often a centrally imposed requirement for systems to work together. This way of operating is less common in commercial organisations where independent business units will either be given complete freedom in system selection or common systems at all levels will be imposed from the top.

Isode's M-Vault family of products support both LDAP and X.500, and are used by government organizations all round the world, due to functionality that is ideal for this type of deployment.

More information can be found on the Government Directory overview page.

Vertical Solution: Military Directory

Directory services are a critical military component, used for tactical and strategic systems. Military directories, specified by ACP 133, are used to provide information services, support of military messaging, and as supporting infrastructure for other applications such as PKI (Public Key Infrastructure).

Isode provides a complete solution for Military directory with comprehensive security, including strong authentication for all directory protocols and signed operations, identity based access control and security label based access control.

More information can be found on the Military Directory overview page.

Vertical Solution: Military Messaging

STANAG 4406 is the NATO Standard for formal military messaging, replacing the older ACP127 specification. Used for both Strategic and Tactical messaging, STANAG 4406 has a number of special protocols to support tactical messaging, in particular to support very low bandwidth links such as HF radio (STANAG 4406 Annex E) and to support receivers in Emission Control (EMCON) mode who can receive but not send data.

Isode provides messaging infrastructure products for military messaging over STANAG 4406 and Internet Protocols as well as gateways between military messaging systems and between military and non-military messaging systems.

More information can be found on the Military Messaging overview page.

Vertical Solution: Military Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging is becoming an increasingly important communication option for the modern warfighter, particularly for sharing communication with a large number of users with Multi-User Chat capabilities. Voice and video communications are often impractical due to networking constraints and/or operational characteristics. Email or formal messaging are often too slow and cumbersome where information sharing and associated decision making need to happen very quickly.

Isode's M-Link product family is a leading XMPP solution, with many capabilities provided for military deployments.

More information can be found on the Military Instant Messaging overview page.

Horizontal Solution: Secure Directory

Directories are generally deployed in support of other applications, such as messaging and PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) based security. Information in the directory is usually openly available to any client with access to the directory servers, which may be on the Internet or on a closed network or LAN/VPN.

Data in the directory is often of critical importance to the applications using the directory. Tampering with or removing data in the directory can cause severe problems to such applications. Isode's Secure Directory solution provides a high level of protection against such problems.

More information can be found on the Secure Directory overview page.

Horizontal Solution: EDI Solutions

EDI (electronic data interchange) is the direct, application-to-application transmission of business documents such as purchase orders, invoices and remittance advices. EDI is a critical component of many e-commerce solutions. EDI requires a transport mechanism to exchange messages, which can operate client/client, client/server or server/server. X.400 is a common choice for transferring EDI messages

Isode does not provide software to manage EDI formats or business integration, but does provide the X.400 components for transfer of EDI documents.

More information can be found on the EDI solutions overview page.

Horizontal Solution: Machine Readable Travel Documents

Machine Readable Travel Documents (MRTD) and in particular passports and national identity cards are using increasingly sophisticated techniques to prevent forgery and to ensure document currency.

MRTDs will generally be issued by an agency, using a system under tight control. Document verification will take place in many places. Passports will be verified nationally and in other countries. Verification for functions other than border control will become increasingly important and useful.

Isode provides all of the directory components needed in support of MRTD issuing and verification.

More information can be found on the Directory to support MRTD page.

Horizontal Solution: Boundary Messaging

M-Switch provides boundary services to interconnect organizations and networks at the messaging (application) level. There are a number of reasons why interconnection at the application level, typically using the SMTP protocol for message transfer, is desirable, as opposed to network level connectivity.

A detailed look at those reasons can be found on the Boundary Messaging page.

Horizontal Solution: Mailbox Services

IMAP for mailbox access and SMTP for message submission is the modern open standards combination for mailbox provision. Isode provides a mailbox solution for IMAP/SMTP email clients.

More information can be found on the Mailbox Services overview page.