The Isode Internet Messaging Suite is a complete messaging solution comprising IMAP/POP message delivery, SMTP message submission, server-level anti-spam, LDAP directory configuration and management tools for both user and administrator.

The Isode Internet Messaging Suite is available for evaluation.

Isode Email Servers

M-Switch (SMTP) and M-Box (POP/IMAP) are at the heart of Isode's Internet Messaging solution.

M-Switch is a high throughput and low latency SMTP message switch. Designed to efficiently handle very large message loads and queues. M-Box is a high performance Internet Message Store, supporting POP and IMAP. M-Box has an optimized database design and multi-threaded architecture, which gives high performance and allows a very large number of users to be supported on a single server. Both support fail-over clustering and Off Site Hot Standby (Disaster Recovery).

An anti-spam add-on is available for M-Switch. M-Switch Anti-Spam achieves 97%+ accuracy on 'spam' and 99% accuracy on 'possible spam' together with a message processing rate that exceeds 50 messages per second on a small server platform

LDAP Directory Integration

Both M-Box and M-Switch use an LDAP Directory as their preferred configuration mechanism enabling the sharing of routing, configuration and authentication information between multiple servers as well as straightforward integration with an ISP provisioning system.

Isode's own LDAP Directory Server, M-Vault, is recommended for use with Isode's message servers. M-Vault is a high-performance, high-availability server that can manage millions of entries and process tens of thousands of queries per second. M-Vault supports fail-over clustering and off site hot standby (Disaster Recovery). M-Vault performance is examined in the whitepaper [M-Vault Benchmarks].

Mobile Email Options

Isode is committed to Open Standards and is an active participant in IETF working groups. Both M-Switch and M-Box support the IETF's standard for mail on restricted bandwidth, low storage devices such as mobile phones (known by the aronym LEMONADE). M-Box and M-Switch were the first LEMONADE compliant servers to be released.

Mobile Email Gateway

The Isode Mobile Email Gateway allows any handset with a mail client that supports the established IMAP-IDLE protocol to recieve push email, even from accounts that do not offer IMAP access.

The mobile gateway retrieves email from multiple back-end systems using the POP protocol and provides IMAP access to that email for the client device. More information on how the Mobile Email Gateway works can be found on the Gateway Architecture page.

Both Email Service Providers and businesses can benefit from the deployment of a gateway. Email Service Providers can offer a service to 'mobilize' email access provided by themselves and other service providers, whilst businesses benefit from operating an Open Standards mobile gateway that they both own and control. Click to read more about deployment scenarios for Email Service Providers and Businesses.

Comprehensive Management Tools

A number of flexible management tools are shipped with Isode servers, including support for monitoring and control of operational systems and two key web-based tools; the Message Operator Interface and the Internet Messaging Administrator.

The Message Operator Interface allows in-depth examination of and control over messaging activity across multiple M-Switch servers including message searching, quarantine management and statistical reporting.

The Internet Messaging Administrator for M-Box gives the operator access to a Directory configuration browser, message store configuration manager, shared folder manager, and user manager.

Evaluate now

All of the Isode products featured are available for evaluation, simply fill in the evaluation request form on this page and an Isode representative will contact you with evaluation details. Isode servers are available for Windows, Linux and HP-UX platforms.