Using an External Email Service

For many businesses, services such as Google Apps™ are proving to be a real winner. However the excellent email features do come with 2 significant downsides:

  1. No IMAP provision: For businesses needing to offer efficient mobile email and/or multi-location access, the lack of IMAP is a major disincentive.
  2. Control: many organizations prefer to have company email resident on a mail server that they control.

By deploying a mobile email gateway in-house businesses can both offer efficient IMAP mobile access to staff members and have email resident on a server they both own and control.


Mobile Email Access

The gateway can also be used to provide efficient mobile email access, using the Open Standards Lemonade extensions to IMAP, to mobile employees wishing to retrieve email from existing in-house mail systems.

Open Standards can be more cost-effective than proprietary systems.