Offer mobile email from multiple sources to users of existing handsets...

With the Isode mobile email gateway, any handset with a mail client that supports the established IMAP-IDLE protocol can now recieve push email, even from accounts that do not offer IMAP access.

The Isode Mobile Email Gateway employs the latest IMAP extensions defined by the IETF to deliver a fast efficient mobile email experience.

Who is it for?

Whilst the ability of the gateway to convert POP email to IMAP is useful for many devices operating in 'constrained bandwidth' scenarios, it's most obvious use is in the provision of efficient mobile email for phones.

Both Email Service Providers and businesses can benefit from the deployment of a gateway. Email Service Providers can offer a service to 'mobilize' email access provided by themselves and other service providers, whilst businesses benefit from operating an Open Standards mobile gateway that they both own and control.

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How does it work?

The gateway acts as a route through which multiple email accounts can be delivered in IMAP format.

The mobile gateway retrieves email from multiple back-end systems using the POP protocol and provides IMAP access to that email for the client device. The gateway and the back-end system remain in sync, so messages remain on the back-end system until deleted on the mobile gateway.

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