These deployment notes and guides are intended to help users and evaluators in implementing specific configurations of Isode products:

M-Switch Notes

Configuring M-Switch to Counter Junk E-Mail (Spam)
The purpose of this Technical Note is to provide system administrators with the configuration steps that need to be taken to configure M-Switch Anti-Spam to counter spam. [html]
Using HP OpenView with M-Switch and M-Vault
This document describes how to configure and extend HP OpenView 6.31 to monitor M-Switch and M-Vault via osiappd. [html]

M-Vault Notes

Using SSL with M-Vault
M-Vault has long been able to use SSL with LDAP connections, however configuring SSL can be awkward. This technical note describes how to tools provided within M-Vault to create a certificate authority, create a server certificate, request a server certificate from Verisign, configure a DSA to support SSL, configure OpenSSL clients, configure Microsoft clients and configure Mac OS X clients. [html]

AMHS Notes

AMHS Implementer's Guide
The guide is designed to help in using the Isode servers and APIs to build AMHS solutions. It does not try to explain what is needed in detail, but rather gives an outline of what the implementer needs to know to achieve various goals, and provides information to help plan the overall structure and approach to an implementation and deployment. [html]
Isode Distribution of Mapping Data between AFTN Addresses and AMHS O/R Addresses

There is a requirement for AFTN/AMHS Gateways and for some AMHS Clients (particularly those that have direct AFTN support, or where there is migration from AFTN) to map between AFTN Addresses and AMHS Addresses. In the future it is anticipated that ICAO or a central organization will manage these mappings but prior to that availability Isode is making available mapping tables in LDIF (LDAP Data Interchange Format), which can be easily loaded into a directory server. Find out more by following the link to the right.


X.400 Notes

Connecting M-Switch X.400 to Microsoft Exchange
This guide provides system administrators and other interested users and evaluators with the configuration steps required to connect Isode's M-Switch X.400 (M-Switch) to Microsoft Exchange (Exchange) using X.400. [html]
ACP 142 Parameters for Radio and Satellite Networks
ACP 142 specifies a protocol for reliable multicast. It is used for message transmission over networks such as Radio and Satellite. This technical note provides some understanding of the parameters and appropriate settings for different networks. [html]