Damy Mahl

SVP Engineering

Damy Mahl is the VP Engineering responsible for Isode’s Directory Products. He has been working in the field of directories since 1989 and in that period time has been involved in several directory development and deployment projects in the academic, governmental and private sectors.

Damy began his career at Brunel University where he was a member of a research group developing some of the earliest X.500 directory user agents for the academic community. This moved on to work in the management and deployment of large scale directory systems as well the further development of X.500 and LDAP directory technology in search, address book and management clients. Damy joined Isode in 2003 having had a working relationship with the company since 1995.

Damy has a BSc in Computer Science from University College London. He lives in West London and in his free time enjoys a diverse set of activities including football, Scrabble, scuba diving and yoga.