New opportunity at Isode

We are currently recruiting an engineer to work as part of the Instant Messaging and Presence team. The ideal candidate will have experience of several of the used technologies (C, C++11, Objective-C, Java, HTML/CSS/Javascript, Qt, iOS, Android, XMPP), with C++ being a core requirement, and an enthusiasm for learning other aspects of the stack. They will care about the provisioning of an entire system to provide users with the features they need while providing a great experience and ease of use.

They must be happy working with a partially distributed team, seeking advice and architectural guidance as needed. Several aspects of the suite are open source, and the candidate should be comfortable interacting with the external open source community.

Other desirable skills include working with general development environments such as Git, shell scripts, scripting languages, Windows, Linux, Mac; and those relating to the products such as SASL, TLS, and LDAP.

The role will include:

  • Design and development work across Isode’s XMPP chat/realtime messaging offerings, covering aspects of the server, and multiple (web, desktop, Android, iOS) clients.
  • Other development work as needed, e.g. test tools, load generation.
  • Customer support
  • Testing
  • Documentation
  • Peer patch review

The successful candidate will enjoy a competitive salary together with a good benefits package including profit related pay and share options.

CVs should be sent to

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