Customer Service

At Isode, support of our customers has always been our number 1 priority and our focus on this vital area of our business is reflected in our renewal rate for support contracts, with over 90% of contracts renewed each year.

Support from Isode isn’t just about helping our customers when they have problems to solve, it’s also about keeping communications with our customers open at all times so that we can discuss and gain input on our product development plans, assist with upgrades and help with integration & training.

In 2020 we’re introducing a new role within Isode, Customer Support Specialist, with the aim of ensuring that our customers continue to receive the best support in the industry. Taking up this new role is Jon Purvis, who many of our customers will know from their interactions with support (Jon was formerly a member of Isode’s Pre-Sales Engineering team).

Jon will be taking the lead in ensuring that Isode customers are able to take full  advantage of the support services that Isode provides. Over the next few months you should expect to see a marked increase in customer visits, roadshows and trade show appearances all aimed at ensuring that Isode continues to provides the level of service and support that our customers deserve.

Isode at TechNet Europe

In a weeks time, TechNet Europe kicks off. This is AFCEA Europe’s second largest annual event, and we will be there.

We will be demonstrating our Military Messaging system, and showing off the capabilities that make it ideal for deployments requiring high levels of security, such as:

  • Conversion/equivalencies between label formats, using a Security Policy (SPIF) based approach to map between the various supported label formats on Email. This will be demonstrated using our web-based email client, Harrier.
  • XEP-0258 (Security Labels in XMPP) support as well as conversion/equivalencies between label formats in XMPP. Our Swift XMPP client will be used to to demonstrate 1-2-1 and MUC room chats using security labels.

We will also be demonstrating our IRC Gateway product, the M-Link IRC -Gateway enables connections between IRC and XMPP servers.

If you’re attending TechNet Europe, pop along to the Isode stand for a demonstration of our software and to say hi to Jeff Tillotson (our Defence business development manager) and Jon Purvis (one of our pre-sales engineers).

New Isode Release

We are pleased to announce the  latest major release for our M-Vault, M-Switch and Harrier email client product families, R18.0.

Some major changes have been made to these products in this release, particularly to M-Vault, all of which are detailed on the R18 release page.

Note that there are no new features for M-Store or M-Box in R18.0. Additionally M-Link is not being included in R18.0, M-Link users should continue to use M-Link R17.0, with M-Vault R17.0 if needed.

Isode at NITEC19

NITEC is the NCI Agency’s flagship annual industry conference, focusing on advancing technological solutions and business practices to strengthen NATO operations. This year’s NITEC was held in the Norwegian capital of Oslo between 20 and 22 May.

A regular visitor to NITEC, Isode spent three enjoyable days at this year’s show demonstrating our software for chat and email messaging to an audience of systems integrators, technical influencers and representatives of end-user organisations (the militaries of NATO nations).

Isode’s Louise Hill (Pre-Sales Engineer) and Jeff Tillotson (Business Development Manager: Defence) setting up the Isode stand.

Of particular interest to visitors was Isode’s ability to connect different services, employing different chat and messaging standards, so that they become seamless end-to-end systems. Our demonstration of connecting XMPP based chat systems to those employing the legacy IRC system (using Isode’s M-Link IRC Gateway) was particularly popular.

Both chat and messaging demonstrations also featured security label translation, mapping labelled messages from one security domain to another (for the show we used Norwegian and NATO labels on the different “sides” of the messaging/chat systems).

Evaluation software for both Email Messaging and XMPP Chat software is available from the Isode website.

Isode and Civil Aviation Messaging

This year marked the 15th anniversary of Isode’s entry into the civil aviation market, when we started to supply messaging servers and APIs into the AMHS (Air Traffic Services (ATS) Message Handling Services) market via our solution partners, helping those partners to deliver great AMHS based solutions to their Civil Aviation Authority customers.

Since then over 100 countries have installed AMHS systems based around Isode messaging servers, with more sales on the way this year as new countries switch from the old AFTN system or expand their existing AMHS installations to encompass regional airports and hubs.

At the recent World ATC Congress in Madrid, as well as taking a look at all of the new developments in this vibrant market, we spent some time visiting and thanking those partners for the excellent working relationship we’ve enjoyed over the years. It was comforting to see that our partners are as enthusiastic about this market now as they were when we first met them.