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Military Messaging and Directory

Isode provides the core server products for a number of military messaging and directory solutions. Servers include support for security labels, digital signatures, message precedence handling and 'fire and forget' message tracking.

  • Formal Military Messaging using STANAG 4406/Annex E.
  • Instant Messaging and Multi-User Chat using XMPP.
  • Gateways including MIXER and ACP145.
  • ACP 133 Military Directory and Directory/Data Synchronisation.

products IconMilitary Messaging and Military Directory solutions.
military messaging and directory whitepapersMilitary Messaging and Military Directory whitepapers.

Messaging and Directory Solutions for the Aviation Industry

Isode's Aviation Messaging (AMHS) and Aviation Directory (ATN) server software is widely deployed with aviation authorities who have switched to the AMHS messaging standard.

  • An AMHS (X.400) Message Transfer Agent that provides the core message switching services.
  • An X.400 Message Store, for storing messages.
  • ATN Directory for holding AMHS, PKI and security related information.
  • AMHS Client and Gateway APIs.
  • In use with over 70% of AMHS compliant Aviation Authorities.

products IconAviation Messaging & Aviation Directory solutions.
aviation whitepapersAviation Whitepapers.

XMPP for Instant Messaging, Multi-User Chat and Middleware Solutions

The flexibility of Isode's widely deployed M-Link XMPP server makes it ideal for traditional Instant Messaging and Multi-User Chat services as well as data syndication and messaging middleware applications. M-Link features include:

  • A proven ability to support high connection volume deployments.
  • Support for both Local and Wide Area Network clustering.
  • Client certificates in TLS.
  • Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) approval for US Dept of Defense use.

products IconMilitary XMPP and ISP Messaging solutions.
XMPP Instant Messaging whitepapersXMPP Instant Messaging whitepapers.

Messaging for Constrained Bandwidth/High-Latency Environments

Isode products contain a number of optimizations for use in constrained bandwidth/high-latency environments such as the SATCOM and HF Radio links used by deployed forces, including support for:

  • Instant Messaging, Multi-User Chat and Presence using optimized XMPP.
  • STANAG 4406 Formal Military Messaging, using STANAG 4406 Annex E.
  • Internet Messaging, using BSMTP and ACP 142.
  • Data/Directory synchronization and File Transfer over Email.
  • Operator Chat for HF Radio (STANAG 5066).

products IconMilitary Radio & Satellite solutions.
constrained bandwidth whitepapersConstrained Bandwidth whitepapers.

Government Directory

Isode's Directory products (including our M-Vault LDAP/X.500 Directory Server and Sodium Sync Directory and Data Synchronisation product) are popular choices for Government directory deployments. Typical uses include:

  • Support of white pages services for email and general purpose use.
  • Support of account information and control of user access, including authentication and authorization.
  • Connecting Departmental and Central Directory systems.
  • Providing Directory services for PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) deployments.

products IconGovernment Directory solutions.
directory whitepapersDirectory whitepapers.