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Swiften is a robust, high-quality, standards-compliant, cross-platform, and performant C++ library for implementing XMPP applications.

Swiften is the obvious choice when looking for an XMPP library. Isode’s deep knowledge of XMPP standards and extensive experience means that you don’t have to spend time reading the specs and determining correct behaviour.

Swiften is used and trusted by a wide range of developers, both commercial and open-source, for a wide variety of different applications on desktop and mobile devices.


By default Swiften is licensed under the GNU General Public License. Isode can provide commercial licenses and commercial support contracts, contact us for more information.


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The Swiften Developer’s Guide is a tutorial-style introduction to building XMPP applications with Swiften. The API Reference Guide is a full reference of the public classes offered by Swiften

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